TrueStart Coffee

TrueStart Coffee

Welcome to a world where normal is boring. That's the world Simon and Helena live in and why they started TrueStart, to prove the point that you can take the path less travelled and build an awesome brand that makes people feel wild for life, without compromising on ethics - people or the planet.

Our Story

Huge dinosaur brands dominate the coffee industry with poor quality products that do not resonate with our generation at all - we're worlds apart in terms of ethics and attitude to life. And don't get us started on the damage caused by the energy drinks industry... cold brew coffee is here to whip those guys into shape!

We're a Bristol-based startup and we like to challenge how things are done. Our vision is to become the number one coffee choice for our generation, with products that win you over with not only with uniquely incredible taste, but their energy, ethics and provenance too.

Our journey started in 2015 when Simon and I were triathlon training alongside busy office jobs, and searching for a coffee that gave us a boost without sending our hearts racing. After discovering that the caffeine in coffee is both varied and unpredictable, we developed the first coffee in the world to provide a boost with no crash thanks to a stable caffeine content. Armed with our brand new, super clean coffee (sourced from where I used to live in South America), we set out to make people feel great.

We really do believe that business can be a force for good, and are really proud to be making a difference in one of the world's poorest communities; Chilomoni in Malawi.

Our farmers are paid a fair price for their coffee and your purchase supports a local community support network which helps disadvantaged people from different regions of Colombia. Its mission is focused on nutrition, education such as toy libraries and computer rooms, natural disaster support, infrastructure and environmental preservation.

As we grow, we're sourcing new beans and creating new blends all the time and our Nitro and Cold Brew Coffee uses a specially developed blend drawing pure Arabica coffee from several different regions in South and Central America. We're proud to say that this blend is Rainforest Alliance Certified.

Our Values

  • Independent Company

    Independent Company

  • No Artificial Ingredients

    No Artificial Ingredients

  • Recyclable Packaging

    Recyclable Packaging

  • Small Business

    Small Business

  • Family-run Business

    Family-run Business

  • Contribution to Charity

    Contribution to Charity

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