Plant based, non-alcoholic social elixir for happier, healthier, more connected nights out.

Our Story

Bittersweet with a curious savoury bite. The world’s best bartenders, herbalists and plant scientists have come together to create a new, natural alternative to alcohol.

Formulated for both flavour and effect, we’ve blended eleven plants used for centuries in ceremonies. Enjoy complex flavours and a natural, blissful feeling. We have used traditional knowledge, along with phytochemistry to select plants that work together to bliss out and feel more connected when you’re out, without drinking alcohol. Its a non-alcoholic spirit style plant potion.

With 11 natural ingredients sourced from across the world, it helps create a synergetic experience that tastes great and provides a deeper connection with yourself, others and your surroundings. This dark earthy elixir contains eleven plants and herbs used for centuries in ceremonies and potions such as lion’s mane mushroom, cacao, tulsi and coconut vinegar. Delicious on its own but also great with ginger ale and in cocktails.

Our Values

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