Baking. We absolutely love it. And that’s why, we’re here to change it. Yep, we’re here to set baking free from the rules, restrictions and over-complicated recipes.

Our Story

To make sure it’s not just for the gingham-aproned, flour-fingered few… but for all. That’s why Supergood! make better-for-you baking mixes and ready-to-eat treats, for everybody – and pretty much every body. Because we believe, whether you’re a baking novice, vegan, gluten-free… or just in the mood for something a little different, we should all be able to savour the joys of baking yourself happy.

Supergood! sprang to life in 2017, brought together by our shared love of baking and goals of living a more balanced lifestyle. Which is why, when we browsed the shelves for a quick fix and found nada but artificial ingredients and bland recipes, our entrepreneurial spirit kicked in. Four years, thousands of bakes, and countless trips to the post office later, our all-female team of friends and foodies has flourished. From brilliant amateur chefs and recipe developers, to yogis, travellers, bloggers and mums, it’s quite the mix – and we’re always looking to add more to it… so watch this space.

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