Skinny Bakery

Skinny Bakery

Founded in 2012, Skinny Bakery was started by Mariella because she believed that cakes don’t have to be naughty. Ever since then we've proven it's possible to create sweet treats which are full of healthy ingredients that still taste incredible. They are made with natural colours and flavours and are free from artificial sweeteners. We bake with high quality healthy ingredients including Belgian chocolate, fruits purees, veggie purees, and pure nut butters.

Our Story

Born and raised in West London, Mariella began baking aged 13 as a form of therapy and was keen to have her own business one day. Ten years later, Mariella started Skinny Bakery from her mother's kitchen in 2012, an idea fuelled by her desire to eat cake every day whilst still fitting into her jeans, with a keen interest in the science behind baking.

Offering classic flavours with a twist to provide an indulgent taste but as a lighter and healthier version. We swap high fat cream cheese for quark and chocolate ganache frosting for tofu as well as reduce the overuse of refined sugar in our bakes. Our delicious sweet treats contain 40% fewer calories, 30% less sugar and 60% less fat per 100g compared with leading brands.

Focused on renewables, we’re proud to say our packaging is now plastic-free, made using compostable plant-based PLA and biodegradable card. To date, our treats are baked with real ingredients including Belgian chocolate, pure nut butters and fruit and veggie purees. We love experimenting with exciting new flavours and quirky ingredient substitutions.

Our Values

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    Independent Company

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