Pixel Spirits Distillery

Pixel Spirits Distillery

Devil's Staircase Highland Spiced gin is a true craft product, made by Pixel Spirits Distillery in small batches of less than 80 bottles per distillation. Hand made, hand bottled and labelled, hand signed by the Master Distiller.

Our Story

Devil's Staircase gin is named after a legendary trek in the West Highlands of Scotland. Now part of The West Highland Way, this steep mountain ascent has claimed more than its fair share of victims and hence why it was named.

This Highland Spiced Gin has the flavours of beautiful citrus zest, warm cardamom and nutmeg. Best served with a ribbon of orange peel, a couple of cardamom pods and a premium tonic or ginger ale.

Distilled and bottled in Pixel Spirits Distillery in a small town of North Ballachulish, West Highlands. Founded by a husband and wife team, Craig and Noru Innes, this distillery has been self-built from scratch, with the help of various friends and family members! This is in the core of our values - hand crafted, bespoke and personal!

Our gins are truly small batch (less than 80 bottles per batch), bottled and labelled by hand and each bottle is individually numbered and signed by Craig, the Master Distiller.

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