Pips is a vegan artisan butter and cashew cheese maker.

Our Story

Based in the hills of North Wales, Pips is dedicated to creating authentic, credible alternatives to dairy that everyone can enjoy! Our best seller and Cath’s personal favourite is the No Udder Butter, matching its dairy counterpart in every way. Bake with it, cook with it, or spread it thickly on toast for melting perfection!

Vegetarian from a very young age, and with a keen taste for good food to go with it, it's unsurprising that when starting on her vegan journey, frustrated also by the saturation of palm oil, particularly in vegan products, Cath took it upon herself to come up with delicious, convincing alternatives to the butter and cheese that were previously standards in her diet.

Thus in the Spring of 2017 Pips was born! Pips is artisanal, and we are constantly working on new flavours to join the Pips family. Every delicious product is lovingly handmade and hand cut in small batches, and we can't wait for you to try them for yourselves.

A huge hit at markets and vegan fairs across the country!

Our Values

  • Independent Company

    Independent Company

  • Slow Food Supporter

    Slow Food Supporter

  • Small Producer

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