Nourish by Jane Clarke

Nourish by Jane Clarke

Dietitian-designed nutritional drinks made with organic ingredients to supplement your diet when you need it most, whether you want a healthy energy boost or you have a health challenge that makes eating difficult.

Our Story

Jane Clarke, BSc SRD DSc was the 1st dietitian and cordon bleu chef to set up a practice in Britain. Jane is known for enriching people’s lives with her passion for taste, having worked with Jamie Oliver on his revolutionary school meals campaign, and advised celebrity clients such as David Beckham.

“The Nourish drinks are gorgeous. Not too sweet but rich and calorific as needed! Made the chocolate one into ice cream. Yummy!” Prue Leith, CBE, DL

Nourish is more than a drink. Utilising her 30 years of dietetic and Cordon Bleu experience and firmly grounded in her belief that every mouthful counts and every person matters, award-winning dietician Jane Clarke is set to revolutionise the market and attitudes to how the malnourished are cared for, with the launch of her range of Nourish drinks. Inspired by her own life experiences and based on her clinical background, these delicious, calorie-rich, therapeutic drinks have been lovingly developed using organic ingredients, to offer a healthy and delicious natural alternative to current meal replacement options.

Targeted at the undernourished to help build strength and endurance, well as those looking to supplement their diet and boost their calorie and nutritional intake, Nourish by Jane Clarke offers an ideal solution for those impacted by illness, or coping with the demands of a busy modern lifestyle.

Made in the UK, from the finest, organic and natural ingredients including milk, fruit and chocolate, each 330ml, fully recyclable carton contains the perfect blend of calories, protein and essential vitamins and minerals in four delicious flavours. You are guaranteed a tasty drink, packed full of goodness, with only the very best ingredients and no added chemicals or nasties. Containing 26 essential vitamins and minerals, between 12 and 19 grams of protein and 4 hours of slow releasing carbohydrates, these nutritious drinks are ideal for anybody facing physical and psychological eating difficulties.

From personal and professional experience, Jane knows the difficulties faced when loss of appetite occurs due to a health issue. Known for enriching people’s lives with her passion for taste, no matter which flavour you choose, you can rest assured that neither quality, nor taste has been compromised. Each drink is also gently pasteurised, so that they are safe, even for those with a low immunity and can be enjoyed either as a delicious drink, or used in tantalising recipes devised by Jane and the team, including the community favourite Nourish ice cream and a scrummy porridge with a difference, to help entice taste buds and stimulate appetite.

Highly regarded in her field as an author and for treating the UK’s leading sports people, entertainers and media professionals, as well as patients living with serious illnesses, Jane fervently believes people deserve to be cared for with dignity and compassion, with nourishment playing a crucial part in the recovery process. Fully committed to protecting the environment, and supporting a low carbon footprint, all packaging is fully recyclable, without a plastic bottle in sight.

Nourish drinks have already won a legion of fans including renowned celebrities, health care professionals and glowing customer endorsements.

‘What Jane has achieved with Nourish Drinks is incredible; they are therapeutic on so many levels’. She has used real ingredients that provide genuine benefits and taste delicious. The nurturing she has put into each Nourish Drink is as important as the vitamins and calories it contains’. Dr Martin Scurr, respected GP, former hospice medical director and physician to Westminster Cathedral – Daily Mail Medical columnist and a huge supporter of Nourish by Jane Clarke.

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