Nibble gives you a yummy but nutritious lift when you need a little something to keep you going.

Our Story

Our little bite-sized beauties aren't packed with sugar. So you stay fuller longer, without crashing. Job done.

I'm Erin, the founder of Nibble, and I was a classic (delinquent) former-veggie. I really love vegetables and ate tons of them, but I was light on the protein front and it was starting to take its toll. I was constantly tired, my blood sugar levels were all over the place, and my nails and hair were breaking-a lot (don’t get my hairdresser started!).

In the run-up to the marathon, I decided I better nail my nutrition if I wanted to survive the training. After a serious look at my diet, I realised (finally!) that despite all the healthy food I was eating, I was getting it all wrong. It turns out, lo and behold, I was 'protein deficient'. I had a lot of the classic symptoms.

Short of eating chicken & almonds all day, I needed a way to get more protein into my diet. A lot more protein. Protein bars seemed like the way forward, but I didn't want tons of sugar (or dates for that matter).

So after a lot of aimless wandering around supermarkets, I thought sod it. I’ll make my own.

And truth be told, it wasn’t easy. There’s a reason why there aren’t many low sugar products around-making them is a massive technical challenge. But happily (a few hundred test batches later), we got there in the end!

Made in the UK, our bites are made with the finest natural ingredients including antioxidant-rich dried plum purée and our very own bespoke chocolate. Our bites are super nutritious, with less sugar and more yummy flavours. Perfect for healthy eating on the go.


Our Values

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    Independent Company

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