Keats Chocolatier

Keats Chocolatier

Keats Chocolates are individual, traditionally handcrafted chocolates.

Our Story

Each one of our beautiful chocolate gift box creations flaunts luxury – from the unique and unusual rich ingredient recipes to the more original nostalgic flavours – Keats chocolates represent quality.

We are renowned for our dark chocolate that is made from the finest ingredients - pure cocoa butter and cocoa beans sourced from the Ivory Coast, which is famous for producing the highest quality of the cocoa bean. That makes the entire experience of a Keats chocolate an unforgettable one.

Each one of our hand-made gift boxes is laced with a satin ribbon making it a perfect gift for any occasion. A beautifully presented box of Keats chocolates is certain to delight, an exquisite expression of your care and affection and a gift to charm the senses.
The philosophy is simple - delicious artisan chocolates, chocolate truffles and gourmet chocolates using the finest and most delicious ingredients.

Every ingredient used in the Keats chocolate tastes exceptional. Our chocolates owed to the considered craftsmanship of our chocolatiers, minimal processing and the quality of ingredients used.

We are committed to showcasing the best of creativity and craftsmanship from the visual design of our gift boxes to the creative imagination and style that our chocolatiers put into each unique piece

Our chocolates are crafted with perfection by our chocolatiers who will not compromise on quality. We only use the finest and most ethically sourced ingredients.

We provide a unique cocoa content, refined ingredients through individual chocolates, making the entire experience unforgettable to our first-time customers and believe in creating trends.

From the eloquently ribboned gift box, the enticing handcrafted chocolate display laid inside to the actual moment where you experience the elegant, rich ingredients – Keats Chocolates creates a memorable experience in its entirety, bringing back nostalgic old memories in its offering.

Sourcing and Ingredients
We take pride in sourcing the finest and the most ethically sourced ingredients.

Our luxury chocolate selection is free from alcohol, gluten and suitable for vegetarians. Our exclusive range of vegan chocolates sets a new luxury experience for chocolate lovers.

Our Values

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    Independent Company

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