Hot Smoked

Hot Smoked

Hot Smoked has an innovative range of hot smoking kits for BBQs and smokers, featuring sustainably sourced smoking woods.

Our Story

Hot Smoked is the result of a passion for cooking outdoors and using totally natural wood smoke to flavour slow cooked dishes. Founder Alyson Murray has built Hot Smoked into a specialist provider of food smoking equipment and accessories with a distinctly British twist. With a mission to bring smoky flavours to BBQs everywhere, Hot Smoked has created an award winning range of gift starter kits, designed to introduce adventurous cooks to cooking with wood on just a regular BBQ.

No specialist kit required. Assembled by hand in Devon the kits are beautifully gift boxed and feature pure woods, additive-free rubs, accessories, recipes, tips and techniques and recyclable packaging. All our smoking woods are FSC certified, sustainably sourced and totally pure and our packaging is recycled and recyclable.

Our Values

  • Independent Company

    Independent Company

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