Highland Boundary

Highland Boundary

At Highland Boundary we distil modern, botanical spirits and liqueurs inspired by the Scottish wilderness.

Our Story

Wildly different and sustainably made our innovative drinks offer flexibility for people to enjoy straight, long or in stunning wild cocktails.

We are a small, family-run and female-led distillery with Dr Marian Bruce the designer and distiller helped by a small and passionate team. We create and distil high quality, novel spirits and liqueurs flavoured with hand-picked, local botanicals. This new generation of spirits draws on nature for surprising flavours made from sustainably, hand-picked botanicals from the forests of Scotland. The range has forest-fresh, floral, berry and citrus-spicy based flavours and tones.

We use specific processes and techniques to maximise flavour capture - different to gin. The development of unique, native and natural flavours with a distinct Scottish provenance is key to what we do. Our distillery is in our small farm in Perthshire and on the Highland Boundary Fault, the geological dividing line between the highlands and lowlands of Scotland.

We care about the environment; we harvest sustainably; only use recyclable materials in our bottling and packaging; and have renewable energy sources for our business. We have materially increased biodiversity on our farm in a regenerative response to climate change, are members of the Nature Friendly Farming Network and the Scottish Rewilding Alliance.

Our customers tell us they want to be different, boldly stand-out from the crowd, care about where something comes from and how it is made and are modern, fun and value quality.

Our Values

  • Working Farm

  • Independent Company

    Independent Company

  • Support for Small Producers

    Support for Small Producers

  • Contribution to Charity

    Contribution to Charity

  • Family-run Business

    Family-run Business

  • Small Producer

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