Firetree Chocolate

Firetree Chocolate

From remote oceanic islands comes a rich volcanic chocolate with its own unique taste. Founded by two passionate chocolate makers and eaters with over 70 years of chocolate experience.

Our Story

Founded by two passionate chocolate makers and eaters with over 70 years of chocolate experience, we launched our firetree brand in 2019 but have been sourcing rare beans from remote oceanic islands for several years now.

We started firetree to create a range of chocolate without parallel. To share some of the world's rarest and most delicious cocoa, and make rich volcanic chocolate bars, all with their own distinctive taste. Each island variation we make only uses cocoa from a single estate. We create a range of single estate chocolate bars, all with their own subtle tastes derived from the volcanic soils of the islands the cocoa trees grow on. As we work directly with our farmers, we are able to influence the picking, fermenting and drying of the beans before they are shipped directly to us in the UK. The beans are then roasted in their shells to bring out the essence of their sumptuous flavours, and only then can they be skilfully crafted by master chocolatiers to create a rich volcanic chocolate.

Our chocolates do not include any flavours or inclusions, but each bar has its own distinctive flavour. From citrus, caramels and honey of Mindanao Islands in the Philippines, the earthy walnut and wild mushrooms flavours of Karkar Island in Papua New Guinea to the raspberry and rich red fruit tones of Sambirano Valley in Madagascar, every day can be a different day! We have seven bars, so lots to chose from. We're also proud to say our products are dairy free, nut free, vegan, Halal and Kosher too.

Our promise on sustainability: Instead of dealing with our farmers through agents, we go to them directly. By cutting out the middle man, the farmers get more for their hard work. Two or three times the market rate in fact. It means they can provide for their families, and commit to high agricultural standards that makes for a great chocolate.

We are really very proud of every step we take to bring amazing cocoa to the UK and create these bars. But what we're really proud of is watching peoples faces as they taste our chocolate, experiencing the long lingering and changing flavours one square can bring - lots of smiles!

Our Values

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    Independent Company

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    Support for Small Producers

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