Cool Cold Brew

Cool Cold Brew

Sustainably-sourced Rainforest Alliance Certified cold brew coffee.

Our Story

Our story begins at an Arizona gas station. To cool down in the blistering heat, our founder Joe knocked back his first sip of cold brew coffee. Smooth and surprisingly sweeter than an iced coffee, he just couldn’t get enough.

Summers went by and Joe made the occasional batch of cold brew, here and there. But a few years later when working out of Shoreditch, Joe spotted cold brew coffee in the UK for the first time! Having a quick Google of ‘cold brew coffee’ brought up dozens of cold brew coffee brands and Joe was intrigued. Why had happened since leaving the US those years ago?

In the back of his mind, a business began brewing. We’ve been cold brewing up a storm ever since!

We stand for better cold brew coffee drinks. Better business.

Brewed for over 16 hours in freshly filtered water, our Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee is sustainably sourced especially for cold brewing. By hand brewing our coffee grounds cold, we’re able to create a less acidic, less bitter and naturally sweeter brew! We tripe filter our brews for extra clarity and serve chilled for the finest refreshment.

Our Values

  • Independent Company

    Independent Company

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