Aqua Foods is a small family run business specialising in plant-based snacks.

Our Story

I remember as a child my LOVE for crisps. I also remember always getting in trouble for eating too many crisps. I would munch through so many packets without realising it. My mum tried to get me to switch from the oily fried crisps to roasted popcorn. However, I found that popcorn was too drying and the shells always got stuck in my throat.

Once I got older I realised mum was right. All these years I was munching away on unhealthy crisps full of saturated fats and I decided to put an end to it all. My love for savoury crunchy snacks was unstoppable hence my search for healthy yet tasty snacks began. Long story short, we travelled to India and discovered the plant-based popped lotus seeds and millet puffs. We gently roasted them and deliciously flavoured them to perfection.

Blops snacks came to the rescue.

​Unlike crisps, Blops snacks are never fried, always roasted. Unlike popcorn, Blops snacks are never drying, always friendly to your throat. Unlike nuts, Blops snacks are lighter and lower in calories. Blops snacks has saved us from the fattening, chemical-filled junk, we hope to rescue you too.

Our Values

  • Family-run Business

    Family-run Business

  • Small Producer

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