Jeeves & Jericho - The Artisan Teasmiths

Jeeves & Jericho - The Artisan Teasmiths

We pride ourselves on being a young multi-award winning independent British Artisan Teasmiths. Producing hand blended, hand picked loose leaf teas with a difference, sourced direct from the finest tea gardens that adhere to our strict ethical and ecological trading policies.

Our Story

With our base near the city of Oxford, Jeeves and Jericho - The Artisan Teasmiths, is a tea brand that harnesses the traditions and quality of its surroundings with a fresh, fun and contemporary approach to tea-making.

We offer a wide-range of fine loose-leaf specialities, with your favourites represented as well as the more unusual but beautifully flavoured blends - we have something for everyone! As well as great-tasting teas, you can also buy practical, well-designed tea-making accessories, so you can make tea just how you like it with a little dash of added style. Not only can you make your favourite brew at home, but many quality cafes, Michelin restaurants and 5 star hotels across the country serve our loose-leaf teas too.

At the very heart of our business is our ethical policy. We're underpinned by the strong belief that we want to give something back to the tea-growers. Through sourcing tea only through members of The Ethical Tea Partnership, we guarantee you, the tea-drinker, that the tea-estate workers who grow the teas we source have all been given a fair deal.

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