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Honestly Co

We prep, you cook! Introducing Honestly Co time-saving cooking sauce blends. Because taste should not be compromised by time.

Our Story

My sister and I have always loved cooking from a very young age. We have our mum and aunties to thank for having the patience and skill to teach us to cook traditional Punjabi dishes when we were growing up. When I think of my childhood it is often those hours spent in the kitchen with my family surrounded by the wonderful aromas of all the different spices that come to mind.

Moving forward many years I now have my own family and I wanted to be able to recreate and pass on all those wonderful traditional authentic recipes that I was so lucky to learn how to cook when I was a child. However, times change, and as a busy working mum of 4 kids I unfortunately didn't have the luxury of all that time to cook from scratch, but I still wanted my children to enjoy fresh, traditional authentic Punjabi dishes.

It was this dilemma that led to me joining forces with my sister Noreen and creating Honestly co. It was our desire to create quick, simple tasty meals whilst remaining true to our Punjabi roots that led to us creating our range of sauce blends. We spent days and days in the kitchen together, grinding spices, tasting, reformulating, refining and tasting again until we were happy that we had got the blends just right. We then taste tested amongst the wider community and were delighted at the feedback which spurred us on to launch!

They are so much more than a spice kit - you don't need to chop onions, ginger or add tomatoes - they are all in there! All you need to do is add water, oil and a protein of your choice. And you have a multitude of traditional dishes in half the time. (Well, that's what our packaging says - but I think it's even quicker than that!) What inspires us is hearing from all the busy people out there who let us know how much they appreciate our sauce blends and how it helps them feed their families authentic, natural, fresh tasting food. People comment that using our sauce blends tastes just as good as cooking from scratch - which is the ultimate compliment - as that was our aim.

And if you're wondering where the name Honestly Co came from - well, honestly it's that easy - honestly, it does taste that good - and honestly, there are no nasties added - just 100 per cent natural ingredients.

Our Values

  • Small Producer

  • Family-run Business

    Family-run Business

  • Independent Company

    Independent Company

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