Sea Buck Tonic

Sea Buck Tonic

A real tonic created in St Ives from natural ingredients.

Our Story

A real tonic! Cornish spring water, Sea buckthorn berries and naturally extracted quinine give Sea Buck a distinct refined flavour.

Created by Cornish duo Pablo and Charlie in our hometown of St Ives, Sea Buck Tonic is inspired by sea buckthorn growing against the odds on the wind-blown, sea sprayed dunes of Gwithian. A unique mix of Cornish spring water, infused with quinine-producing cinchona bark and sea buckthorn berries creates a distinctively wild and refined tonic.

Sea Buck Tonic is golden in colour due to the quinine being naturally extracted from the cinchona bark. Since trees aren't transparent, neither is the tonic.

Sea Buck's signature taste comes from the sea buckthorn berries. Tiny vividly orange and full of powerful nutrients - these berries have an intense citrusy flavour.

Our Values

  • Independent Company

    Independent Company

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    Support for Small Producers

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