Louisa’s Honey

Louisa’s Honey

We are a family run business with a discovery of extraordinary honey from Italy that we would like to share!

Our Story

Our honey is the real nectar of Italy! We are bringing a piece of Italy to our doorstep and kitchen table in the UK.

We source the finest, purest honey from bees farms that are located in the beautiful valleys of Italy! Identifying the best geographical areas of production! They are honeys collected in tightly selected areas, far from possible forms of pollution and environmental contamination.

It is of exceptional quality, standard and purity. Tested, verified and certified.

Our unique story of how we discovered these extraordinary products began during the pandemic. Friends, Simon Georgiou and Peter Foster, businesses stung by the pandemic. Peter’s 1:1 golf tuition halted. Simon’s London black taxis fleet in the ‘taxi graveyard’ as seen on ITV news. Simon left the swarm of taxis in the fields. Peter too leaving the golf fields behind. The pair embarked on a road trip through Italy. To make a discovery in the fields of Italy instead.

There we discovered the real nectar of Italy! At a honey production site that we landed on. Blown away by what we saw during our exploration of the site. Mesmerised by the range of flavours and stunned by their each individual unique tastes, colours, textures and aromas. Returning home with one fixating goal to share these extraordinary quality and range of honeys with the UK. To make it available on our kitchen shelf! So was born the exciting range of Louisa’s Honey. Our brand name Louisa’s Honey, bears an emotional and family significance. Louisa being the name Louisa, the wife of Simon and also of Peter’s late mother. With Louisa, we have been busy promoting our extraordinary honeys ever since.

We launched in March 2022 at the International Food Exhibition with Gennaro Contaldo!

Our Values

  • Independent Company

    Independent Company

  • Family-run Business

    Family-run Business

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