Aloha 65

Aloha 65

Aloha 65 is a new surf/sea inspired, all-natural spirit, infused over a month, with fresh pineapple, scotch bonnet chillies and a handful of other secret natural ingredients.

Our Story

Brought to you by UK start-up, Big Wave Brands Ltd, Spirit of Aloha 65 is a really versatile new drink. An all-natural infused spirit made from carefully selected fresh fruit, herbs and spices, Aloha 65 offers something very different, from its vintage and distinctive bottle and retro branding, to its surprisingly complex, multi-layered flavours. Perfect for any occasion.

Beautifully and naturally crafted, Aloha 65 is 27% ABV, vegan and made only from fresh ingredients with no added colourants or refined sugar.

The heart of Aloha 65 happens to be a scotch bonnet chilli, so we decided to make a hot sauce as well. Taking Spirit of Aloha 65 as its inspiration, Aloha 65 hot sauce is made in the UK from the same all-natural fresh ingredients as Spirit of Aloha 65 - minus the alcohol of course.

Our Values

  • Independent Company

    Independent Company

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    Support for Small Producers

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    Contribution to Charity

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