TASTE wants to help you make bar-quality cocktails at home! We sell a range of cocktail kits and equipment to help you discover new ingredients and recipes, and find your new favourites.

With the same spirit of discovery in mind, we have launched I Love Gin! Get different expertly paired craft gin and tonics delivered to your home and enjoy trying new delicious combinations.

Our Story

Hello! I am Toby the founder of TASTE cocktails and I Love Gin. Despite my entrepreneurial track record I don't drink very much, but when I do, I love a great drink! Mixing cocktails at home has always been something that I've enjoyed, so much so that I found myself accumulating lots of bottles of I-don't-know-what that I have used twice and still sit on the bar shelf to this day. So I kept on asking myself the same question... wouldn't it be nice if I had the exact amount of ingredients delivered to me to make my favourite cocktails? Since then my shelves have been filled with cocktail kits instead of bottles that sell as fast as I can make them!

The idea for I Love Gin came about because I was accumulating too many bottles of gin that I didn't like, on the shelves that were already full of cocktail ingredients... The G and T boxes contain the perfect amount of gin paired with a tonic that complements its flavour, for you to understand if you'd like more of it!

Through these products I share my passion for trying new things and the excitement that comes with a great discovery!

Our Values

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