Untold Coffee

Untold Coffee

Speciality coffee sourced from the tastiest farms and co-ops around the world.

Our Story

We were founded back in 2017 partly out of following our passion, but also because we believe that we can shape and challenge the way specialty coffee industry operates.

We offer a variety of coffees focusing on coffee that aligns with one of our impact goals, which are currently: community-led, run by women, and shade grown. We source our coffee seasonally, so our offering changes frequently.

You don't have to look very far to see that we've very unique in terms of our presentation, so we'll tell you about the ethical side of things. We use our impact goals (as mentioned about) to control how and who we source our coffee from. If the coffee doesn't fall into one of the categories of our impact goals, it's very unlikely that it aligns with our core principles. By following our impact goals, we ensure that our purchase of green coffee (un-roasted coffee) supports the people who actually grow it and their local communities. To give a comparison, the opposite would be buying coffee in bulk from a third-party importer, who's had the coffee stored for a couple of years, can't explain where it came from, and won't confirm the price they paid the farmers for the coffee. Transparency is the ultimate aim here. We don't purchase without it.

We're proud of how micro changes that we've made have given permission to other companies to follow. For example, stepping away from single-use packaging and instead packaging in tin cans. Since these changes, other coffee companies that we admire have followed in our footsteps. We've been able to advise them through the process and help them make the switch for themselves, ultimately making our planet better.

Our Values

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    Independent Company

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