Thomas Tipple

Thomas Tipple

Thomas Tipple is a premium pre-mixed cocktail in a beautifully designed slimline can. Our delicious and innovative recipes are ideal for summer picnics, music festivals and cheeky train rides.

Our Story

Thomas Tipple is a premium brand of ready-to-enjoy cocktails in a can(5% ABV). Our mission is to replicate bar trends using quality ingredients sourced from around the world.

The two inaugural offerings are inspired by classic champagne recipes: Raspberry Bellini and Passionfruit Mimosa. Each sparkling wine-based cocktail is balanced with fruit juice and natural flavourings. The quintessential British Bellini’s soft sweet raspberries makes it beautifully refreshing and the exotic blend of passionfruit adds a delicious crispness. Each 250ml can has an 5% ABV and is under 100 calories. Thomas Tipple wants to provide a light yet a special indulgence, whatever the occasion or wherever the place.

Our Values

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