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Sow Foods

Sow Foods

Sow Foods makes plant-based proteins that are genuinely good for you.

Our Story

We started Sow Foods with a simple question: how do we provide protein-rich foods that are genuinely good for you?

We first-hand experienced the difficulties of turning into plant-based. From being tired of eating tofu every meal to feeling bloated consuming processed, plant-based meats at supermarkets. To address this need, we developed a plant-based protein in its most natural form - free from artificial additives, processed ingredients and refined sugars. Our product is high in protein (21g), refined sugar-free and additives-free.

Our hope is that, no matter if you are full-time plant muncher or someone looking to cut down meat, you can enjoy your meals while nurturing the planet for future generations.

Our Values

  • Independent Company

    Independent Company

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