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Satisfied Snacks

Satisfied Snacks

Veg on the go! A deliciously crispy snack made from the wholesome ingredients of a home-made salad.

Our Story

"I always tried not to snack because most options were loaded with salt, sugar and artificial flavourings. I wanted something tasty, convenient, and healthy - that's where the idea for Roughs was born." - Dr. Heather Daniell (CEO)

Roughs are an entirely new type of snack. Not a crisp, cracker, wafer or tortilla. No potato, wheat or corn with a dusting of powdered flavouring. We use our all natural patent-pending method to turn real food into an exceedingly delicious crispy snack. Without unnecessary fillers, starchy carbohydrates or anything artificial, Roughs are also uncompromisingly healthy, with at least 1 of your 5 a day in each serving.

Our snacks are good for you but we want to make sure they're also good for our planet. From the type of energy we use to make our Roughs, to the packaging we put them in, we aren't willing to compromise. We said no to plastic and made it our mission to find packaging that not only keeps our Roughs tasty and crispy, but is also infinitely recyclable. Our cans are the perfect solution, they may look a bit different but they’re turtle friendly and that’s what counts.

Our Values

  • Independent Company

    Independent Company

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