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Sandy Leaf Farm

Sandy Leaf Farm

At Sandy Leaf Farm we design and make unique DIY food and drink kits. With our kits making your own sustainable and delicious food and drink at home is easy and simple.

Our Story

Scott and Gabriel started Sandy Leaf Farm in 2014. Like many new businesses we were inspired by the desire to solve a bit of a mystery. Scott's grandma used to make ginger beer in a 'ginger beer plant', which produced a bottle of healthy ginger beer each week. Annoyingly when telling us about this she had actually forgotten exactly what was necessary to get it started. After researching and testing to get the recipe working, we realised that the method and ingredients could be packaged up into a kit to allow others to make their own too. Our Ginger Beer Plant became our first kit, and is currently being redeveloped to be easier than ever.

From that one journey Sandy Leaf Farm started, and we've continued to grow and come up with more unique food and drink kits ever since. We make unique DIY food and drink kits. All our kits are designed for complete beginners with no cooking or crafting experience. We also try to educate as much as entertain, with our instructions books explaining the history and science behind the recipes.

Scott has a background in sustainability, and was completing a PhD in sustainable consumption at the University of Oxford while we were starting the business. While it can be sometimes difficult to make every element of the business as sustainable as possible, we do as much as we can. We source many of our ingredients locally and our offices run on 100% renewable energy.

We spend months obsessively testing our recipes, often using friends and family as guinea pigs, to make sure that the recipes are as straightforward as possible. As a result we like to think that all our kits deliver great results with simple and easy to follow recipes, so are perfect for beginners.

The success which the business has had can be measured more on the impact on our lives than on any balance sheet. The profits from the first holiday season sponsored Gabriel's spouse visa, without which we wouldn't have been able to live together here in the UK. While running the business may be stressful at times, remembering the huge impact its success has had on our lives makes it seem always worthwhile.

Our Values

  • Family-run Business

    Family-run Business

  • Independent Company

    Independent Company

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