Samuel Groves

Samuel Groves

Premium cook and bakeware made in England, since 1817.

Our Story

Global interest in British design and manufacturing has never been higher and Samuel Groves is building on this golden opportunity by continuing to invest in manufacturing equipment to produce the very best cook and bakeware at their manufacturing site in Birmingham.

Every range produced at our factory, we believe is the best you can buy, whether that’s our robust Classic stainless steel cookware or timeless Mermaid bakeware.

Few suppliers of hospitality products go back as far as Samuel Groves. This venerable Birmingham-based manufacturer of kitchen equipment started in 1817. The big take-off into hospitality supply came during the Second World War when Samuel Groves won a major government contract to produce aluminium trays, with many other items for the Ministry of Works and the War Office being added soon after. This helped reinforce the foundations of the modern business, which gained a major boost from the introduction of the Mermaid brand at the beginning of the 1950s.

Samuel Groves encompasses all facets of manufacturing including Metal Cutting, Presswork, Metal Spinning, Welding, Fabrication and Injection Moulding. In addition, we are able to design and manufacture our own tooling in house.

Even though the market and indeed cooking practices have evolved over the years, Samuel Groves quality and processes have improved. We remain traditional manufacturers and every product we are proud to say is still hand-finished. We have been a manufacturer in Birmingham for close to 200 years, some of the skills that will be used in the factory today will have been used all throughout those 200 years.

Our Values

  • Family-run Business

    Family-run Business

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