Purpose Foods

Purpose Foods

We are extremely passionate about making healthy and delicious food that will assist you in your daily activities, whilst promoting a healthy digestive system.

Our Story

Born and raised in Norway surrounded by mountains and lakes, our founder Nina has always had a great appreciation for everything natural. She fully believes that nature has equipped us with everything we might need to heal our bodies and minds.

After having suffered from IBS for several years, as well as being intolerant to gluten and dairy, Nina spent a great deal of time trying to find food she could eat, without causing great discomfort. Having little success she returned her hand to production. Nina focused on creating snacks that would promote a healthy gut, and with numerous alterations and developments along the way, she finally ended up with Purpose Bars. Our range of gut friendly and vegan protein bars for different occasions launched March 2019.

Purpose Bars contain chicory root (otherwise known as inulin), currently the only scientifically confirmed plant-based prebiotics. Despite Ancient Romans using chicory root to help cleanse the blood, and Egyptians using it to purify the liver, it is still an underestimated and underused ingredient.

Leading nutritionist, Rick Hay, says: “This really is functional food at its best; something that will actually help with the digestive tract, whilst not overwhelming it. Purpose Bars are a healthy snack option that is kind to your gut and liver, and they make a great choice for those seeking snacks to help with weight management – not a pseudo-healthy one that’s packed with sugars and excess calories.”

Nina Netland, Founder and CEO of Purpose Foods, says: “Our purpose is clear; to supply consumers with nutritious and delicious snacks that support healthy gut function and to inspire healthier food choices. Purpose Bars are our first product to market but we will be revealing details of our next innovative offerings soon - all will focus on optimising the gut and digestive health. We are excited to use our platform to educate on IBS and to inspire people to lead their lives with purpose!”

Our Values

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