Neat's Snacks

Neat's Snacks

Neat's are hand-crafted rice crackers - a uniquely delicious snack.

Our Story

Snack and the warriors!

Hi, my name is Puma - Neat's founder. I was born in Thailand. I often felt nostalgic for a snack widely made in the home town I grew up in. This used to be a survival food originally created for the warriors to carry during campaigns in the northern region of Old Siam. It was made from sticky rice grown in the region and in a bigger biscuit size, carried in bamboo containers hanging across their shoulders. I've modernised the snack to suit the British palate. Every single piece is hand-crafted by wives and daughters of rice farmers in the region, this special method results in a very uniquely delicious and crunchy snack, the rest of the production takes place here in the UK. Neat’s are 100% natural, gluten free and dairy free. I hope you love Neat’s as I do.


Our Values

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    Independent Company

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