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Miss Apple's Mini Bakery

Miss Apple's Mini Bakery

Miss Apple's Mini Bakery specialises in adorable and flavourful bite-size vegan treats.

Our Story

My name is Karen, I was born in Brazil and Miss Apple is a nickname I gave to myself in my teens when I first started using the internet (90s).

On and off in the cake business since 2012 in the UK, in 2019 I decided to quit my job in the manufacturing sector and dive full time in my dream. My goal is to become vegan and being a Brazilian, with a huge sweet tooth, I decide to relaunch my business fully vegan. This way, I wouldn't be missing on the sweetness, as well as Regular size cupcakes many others who might be trying to become vegan.

Why mini? Because I am passionate about miniatures and find normal size treats too overwhelming, leaving me too full to try different flavours. So I figured other people might think the same. So I united my passion for miniature with baking. Each cupcake, truffle or treat is made by me with a lot of patience and attention to detail as it would be a miniature piece of art. They need to taste and look good!

Because of my Brazilian roots, I also wanted to introduce the brigadeiros to the UK. Brigadeiros are a traditional and much loved Brazilian chocolate truffle. It's something unique because of its consistency. It's not just the average cream and chocolate truffle. They are cooked, gooey, soft and yummy. But, they are made with dairy, so I researched, tested over and over again until I came up with a delicious vegan version of it, made completely from scratch with high quality vegan ingredients, hand rolled and packed one by one by me.

What I am most proud of my business is that I can combine big flavours and small ethical bites that look beautiful.

Our Values

  • Independent Company

    Independent Company

  • Family-run Business

    Family-run Business

  • Small Producer

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