Maters & Co.

Maters & Co.

We source the best raw ingredients from our very own hives in Cambridgeshire.

Our Story

Welcome to artisan raw! Since the last century, Willem & Sara Maters have resided in the beautiful Cambridgeshire countryside on a small holding with their own beehives, livestock and a wide range of organic fruit and vegetables. Their daughter Kate inherited this passion for healthy and natural living and decided to take this lifestyle beyond her family and children, and so, Maters and Co was founded upon these principles of raw, natural goodness of the highest quality.

Growing up in the beautiful south Cambridgeshire countryside enabled me to see all the
benefits of a natural, healthy lifestyle from an early age. Helping out on my parents
smallholding - where they had their own beehives, livestock and grew a wide range of organic
fruit and vegetables fostered my passion for pure and natural foods, which we're now proud to
share through Maters and Co.

We source the best raw ingredients from our very own hives in Cambridgeshire, a local
beekeeper in Saffron Walden and an ethical beekeeper in Spain. Our organic coconut oil
is sourced from an area in Sri Lanka helping the local community which was devastated by the earthquake and tsunami of 2004. Our raw honey, coconut oil and himalayan salt are in
the rawest form closest to their natural state. This means that they have not been pasteurised, refined, processed or bleached in any way and contain the natural goodness that is essential for our health.

Each jar is branded with 22ct gold and organic inks fired on at 580 degrees celsius and presented in bespoke boxes. We feel the produce is of the highest quality, and so the packaging should also reflect this level, quality from the inside out.

Our Values

  • Support for Small Producers

    Support for Small Producers

  • Family-run Business

    Family-run Business

  • Small Producer

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