Mama Lolly's Sauces

Mama Lolly's Sauces

A mum and daughter team making traditional, authentic Caribbean sauces that represent the taste diversity of the islands: bold, flavourful, spicy, hot and fresh!

Our Story

Hello! I'm Donna and I am thrilled to introduce you to my pride and joy: Mama Lolly's Sauces. These sauces originated in a tiny Caribbean vegetarian café owned by my mum and me and proudly named after my fabulous grandma Mama Lolly, who passed her love of food, cooking, and the joy of feeding people on to us. The sauces, which have been used throughout generations in our own family, were the heartbeat of the dishes prepared in the café for 11 years.

Now as Mama Lolly's Sauces, we have bottled the flavour and love of the Caribbean to help take your meals to a sunny, happy place. Use a tablespoon or two of our mild green seasoning to marinade chicken, fish, meat, tofu, jackfruit. Or a few or more drops, of our equally hot and flavourful hot sauces for as much or as little Caribbean sunshine as you like, to any savoury stew, soup, gravy, dip (or bloody Mary).

Our sauces, which by tradition are vegan, are also preservative-free, always made with only the freshest ingredients. Our mission is to continue our Mama Lolly's legacy by way of our family's sauces, and to share with the world, the warmth and authenticity of the Caribbean

Our Values

  • Family-run Business

    Family-run Business

  • Small Producer

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