Jeyel's Richly Spiced

Jeyel's Richly Spiced

Showcasing the sights and smells of the exotic ‘Land of the Spices’...South India.

Our Story

Originally from South India, Jeby moved to the UK and was surprised to find very little in the way of South Indian food in local supermarkets. Having spent many hours in the kitchen cooking with his mother as a little boy, he remembers the sights and smells of the exotic ‘Land of the Spices’ well. These memories of cooking from scratch with fresh ingredients inspired Jeby to recreate the tantalising flavours of his family’s traditional recipes here in the UK.

Each sauce is tailored to bring out the flavour of specific meats or vegetables. Made with 100% natural ingredients they are also free from added sugar and starch allowing Jeby to share his family’s passion for wholesome, home-cooked food.

Also, here in the UK, Jeby has always found it a delight to see his friends enjoy his home made curries, giving exceptional feedback in return. So he has taken this opportunity to bring out his passion for cooking sauces for many to enjoy at their meal times. After a lot of conversations with his mother over the phone, Jeby has perfected each sauce in the same way his mother would so that you get all of the benefits of the home cooked flavour, but in a simple to use packets.

Our Values

  • Family-run Business

    Family-run Business

  • Small Producer

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