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Hüüg snack bars are totally vegan, gluten free, wheat free and a source of fibre.

Our Story

Hüüg is brand new, making totally vegan bars, but all our packaging is made from a super-cool compostable material!

We love sweet treats, and thought about what was missing in the market was a properly free-from indulgent way to snack - one you can actually enjoy. When it comes to snacking, we believe everyone should be able to have their cake and eat it - to enjoy something that gives a bit of love to body, mind and taste buds, and makes them feel like they're curled up on the sofa with nothing but a feeling of well-deserved, spot-hitting satisfaction.

Hüüg is a ridiculously indulgent and delicious snack bar only to find out it doesn’t contain anything iffy or guilt-inducing. It's a properly wholesome bar, loaded with top-notch nuts, oats, and decadent dark chocolate. It's vegan, gluten-free, wheat-free and a source of fibre – and wrapped in a compostable wrapper!

Hüüg is a snack that's full-on satisfying for those chocolate cravings - but totally worry-free. A feel-good snack made with real ingredients, not artificial, empty calories. It's totally vegan, gluten-free, and plastic-free! Our wrapper is made from a super-cool compostable material that naturally breaks down into completely organic material.

Our customers don't want to compromise when eating healthy, they love to eat well and reach for snacks that hit the spot. They're all about self-indulging, unashamed happy-making - Because well, they deserve it!

We are proud to be plastic-free and the first bar in the UK with a fully compostable wrapper. Our packaging looks and feels like plastic but is actually made from a super-cool compostable material that acts just like an orange peel! This means it will naturally decompose, leaving behind zero microplastics into the earth.

Our Values

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