Hop & Roll

Hop & Roll

We want to teach the UK that you can make authentic Sri Lankan Hoppers from scratch with our easy to follow and unique kits.

Our Story

I'm Rosh, and I'm the founder of Hop & Roll. I started this business in June 2019, having wanted to start a business for as long as I can remember. I always wanted to connect my business with Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan by background, I was brought up eating authentic spicy Sri Lankan food, and I was bemused as to why this amazing cuisine was not more well known. I decided to focus on the most iconic Sri Lankan dish - the hopper. I learnt from Sri Lankan cooks how to make these authentically, and coupled these with family recipes to create a hoppers street food business selling Sri Lankan hoppers, short eats, and spicy sambals and curries. I run this business alongside being a part-time lawyer and mum of 5 year old twins!

We were selected pretty much immediately by Kerbfood for their InKERBator scheme, which accelerated us massively and through which we have won several awards for our food. We cook hoppers live for guests to watch, adding a real immersive theatrical element to our food.

During the recent pandemic we were forced to pivot our business online, and in doing so created a first of its kind food experience kit. Its popularity with our instagram followers simply blew us away and we decided TheFoodMarket.com would be the perfect platform to take this unique kit to the next level....and we were right!

Our Values

  • Family-run Business

    Family-run Business

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