Fruits for Drinks

Fruits for Drinks

Fruits for Drinks is here so consumers can enjoy the perfect drink all the time with freeze-dried fruits.

Our Story

Imagine this, grab your perfect spirit, the perfect mixer – your favourite glass…and then, disaster! You go to your fridge and there is the past-its-best-fruit that has been waiting for you to use as a garnish. Unfortunately there is only one place that fresh fruit should go, and that’s the bin. We’ve got you – have Fruits for Drinks in your cupboard with its locked in flavour, nutrients, and fancy theatre on standby. It’s got 2 years shelf life (but it will never need to last that long, surely?!) Grab your Fruits for Drinks today - and never have this dismay again.

Fruits for Drinks is here so consumers can enjoy the perfect drink all the time. The idea came from liking a G&T at home but often being stopped by having a hard, dry, half used brown lime in the fridge rather than a delicious, zesty and bursting-with-flavour piece for fruit. We knew there had to be a way to make this happen for us and everyone who likes a nice-looking and great-tasting drink at home - and not by using horrible, brown dehydrated fruit which adds no flavour and looks unappealing. So we source fruit – we follow the fruit season around the world – freeze-dry it and package it. So now everyone can have the chance of enjoying their perfect drink at home with a great fruit garnish.

Our Values

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    Independent Company

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