Freedom Brewery

Freedom Brewery

Independent, natural, sustainable beer.

Our Story

Brewing their way for over 25 years, Freedom Brewery has accustomed to beer aficionados' needs and offers delivery of a wide variety of beers straight to customers' doors. One can find classics such as lager, pils or pale ales, or try different flavours such as floral helles.

Just 4 ingredients. No gimmicks. No compromise.

Our brewery in Staffordshire is the home of Freedom and we think it’s pretty special. Nestled on the side of a small valley with a spectacular view of the countryside it’s the perfect place to focus on our beers. We make all our beer here and nowhere else and that’s just how we like it. Our brewery is setup with some of the latest technology and sustainable brewing practises to show this is how good a beer should be.

We go the extra mile with all of our beers to bring you a beer that’s worth the wait. We use only the best ingredients we can get our hands on and meticulously craft our lagers with patience and a hell of a lot of effort. All of our beers are naturally carbonated, for a finer, smoother bubble. They’re also long matured in vessels for a minimum of 4 weeks for a fuller flavour. We’re also able to make our beers completely vegan, avoiding the need for isinglass finings to make our beer bright. We give all of our beers this treatment to show you this is how a beer could and should taste.

Our Values

  • Supports a Developing Country or Community

    Supports Dev Country

  • Independent Company

    Independent Company

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