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BrIce London

BrIce London

Natural artisanal, vegan friendly gelato made in the heart of London to your door.

Our Story

A little taste of Italian home-made Gelato in the heart of London delivered to your home. Br-ice is dedicated to meeting all your needs, combining authentic taste, smooth texture and low-fat recipes, without having to sacrifice the quality of the product. Made from highly selected ingredients, Br-ice and its Chef Lorenzo Brandini are committed to producing a sustainable Gelato, which reduces to a minimum the use of animal derivates and tries to avoid as many allergens as possible, so that everyone can enjoy this Italian delicacy .

Home production allows us to minimise every kind of waste, especially when it comes to water and electricity usage as well as food and materials.

Hi there, my name is Lorenzo and I'm the chef and creator of Brice! I was born and raised in the beautiful Italian Chianti hills in Tuscany, where I developed a passion for genuine, home-grown ingredients. Thanks to the opportunity I had to work alongside some renowned Chefs like Albert Adria' and Massimo Bottura, I expanded my knowledge of culinary techniques and learned the importance of Customer Experience. The recent Covid-19 outbreak sparked in me the ambition to go back to my italian roots selling a genuine product made with my own hands, with the hope of brightening someone's day!

Our Values

  • Independent Company

    Independent Company

  • Small Producer