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What's Your Jam? Eight Flavours for Cream Tea with a Twist

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Wherever you stand on the great 'clotted cream or jam first' debate (it's cream first, obviously), or the even greater scone pronunciation divide (no comment), we can all agree on one thing — a beautifully crafted cream tea is an absolute delight. But why stick to plain old strawberry jam when there are SO many more flavours to enjoy? Here's our pick of eight deliciously different jams to slather on your scone.

    1) Rhubarb Jam

    Things don't get much more British than afternoon tea, so why not pair your scone with a gem of the English countryside, Rhubarb! Sharp and sweet, the tanginess of rhubarb jam is complimented beautifully by clotted cream for a far more flavourful scone.

  • Rhubarb Jam with Vanilla 340g

    Sold by All Things Kitchen

    £5.27 Free delivery

    2) Pink Guava

    For a taste of the tropics, look no further than the dreamy flavour of pink guava. You'll find familiar hints of strawberry, apple and pear, but with the exotic edge of mango and pineapple. This jam has a wonderfully unique texture.

    4) Plum Jam

    Plums make for a deliciously rich jam, sweet and tangy — ideal for pairing with clotted cream. This Greek jam is handmade with yellow plums from the island of Skopelos, mixed with a touch of lemon juice for that added zing.

  • Plum Jam (Handmade, Greek) 380g

    Sold by Maltby&Greek


    5) Prosecco Jelly

    If, like many people, you've been bitten by the Prosecco bug in recent years, this is the one for you! This jelly, made simply from Prosecco, sugar and a little natural pectin for thickening, goes beautifully with fresh fruit. It's also wonderful with cheese, if you crave a more savoury scone.

  • Prosecco Wine Jelly 120g

    Sold by Vorrei

    £8.50 Free delivery

    6) Liquorice Jam

    This one is definitely not for everyone, and forgive us for the huge departure from the traditional cream tea, but if you're a fan of liquorice you might want to try this extraordinary jam with a cheese scone. This jam is a beautiful accompaniment to strong, hard cheeses.

  • Organic Liquorice Jam 230g

    Sold by Vorrei

    £6.90 Free delivery

    7) Stawberry Negroni Cocktail

    Traditional strawberry jam gets a boozy kick! This jam combines strawberries, orange, bitters, gin and red vermouth in a fruity concoction that's refreshing and tart - beautiful with lashings of clotted cream.

  • Negroni Cocktail Jam 300g

    Sold by We Love Manfood

    £6.99 Free delivery

    8) Strawberry & Balsamic Vinegar

    If you've never tried the unlikely combination of strawberries and balsamic vinegar, you're missing out! Balsamic vinegar enhances the natural flavour of strawberries, and in the context of a jam like this, you get an added sharpness that works so well with clotted cream. Heavenly!

  • Strawberry Jam with Balsamic Vinegar 340g

    Sold by All Things Kitchen

    £5.27 Free delivery

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