Artisan Bread Organic

Artisan Bread Organic

We make gluten-free bread with no added yeast using only organic and natural ingredients - no gums or chemicals.

Our Story

We are a dedicated gluten free bakery in Whitstable, Kent. We started baking in 2001 and have recently made the switch to become a dedicated gluten free bakery at the end of 2014. Where we differ from your average gluten free bakery is we only use organic grains which we mill fresh in house each day, this ensures our bread tastes sweet and fresh and doesn't suffer from the bitterness caused by oils oxidising in the flour. We also do not add any baker's yeast to our bread instead we use a 15 hour fermentation of our own rice leaven. Finally we pride ourselves in not adding any chemicals or gums to our products; flour, water a pinch of seaweed and sea salt for flavour plus our leaven is all you need to make a perfect loaf of bread!

Our Values

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    Small Business

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