Van Strien Patisserie

Van Strien Patisserie

Welcome to the page for Handmade by Van Strien - a range of top quality sweet and savoury biscuits handmade with the best ingredients at our family bakery in Holland. You’ll see that you can buy our delicious products here in consignments of 2 or 4 packs per order.

You are welcome to make your selection from our range of 14 different biscuits. The top selling Cheese Palmiers are perfect with a glass of wine or beer. But if you fancy something a little more indulgent, try our Organic Butter Chocolate Cookies (30% Fair Trade Belgian Chocolate!) or the Butter Lemon Biscuits. Whatever you choose, they’re all handmade at our patisserie where we use purely natural ingredients.

Our Story

Van Strien patisserie is a 6th generation family business, established in the beautiful Dutch district of Zeeland in 1938 by the grandad of the current owner, Jaques van Strien. The baking tradition of our business has been passed down by no fewer than 6 generations!

Our goal is to make the tastiest cookies and biscuits possible. How? With craftsmanship, the best ingredients, and a love for our product. And of course the stubborn refusal to make any concessions when the old-fashioned, handmade way is better. This is why we say 'handmade by van Strien'. Quality you can taste!

The Handmade by van Strien cookie range consists of 15 varieties of delicious sweet and savoury cookies including traditional Dutch shortbread, lemon cookies, chocolate cookies plus our heavenly organic cookies and savoury puff pastry biscuits with cheese or nuts.

All are made using the best possible ingredients. Our Organic cookies, for instance, are made with 100% butter from grass fed cows (ensuring a softer, better tasting cookie), fresh high welfare 'Better Life' eggs and Fairtrade Belgian chocolate. And in our yummy savoury biscuits, only the best cheese is used, so we have selected real Gouda Noord-Holland PDO* aged cheese.

*Protected Designation of Origin

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