Urbangrains - your every food essentials

Our Story

Urbangrains is your everyday imaginative brand of food essentials, offering a range of artisan, often unusual foods.

Driven by our own devotion to know our food origins, we have teamed up with like-minded local producers who stay true to their craftsmanship.

Pure raw ingredients are blended together into exceptional delicacies, always hand-processed with utmost care - containing no artificial flavours, colouring or preservatives - and this is our promise to you.

We proudly support the Rootless Garden charity.

Our Values

  • Small Producer

  • Family-run Business

    Family-run Business

  • Contribution to Charity

    Contribution to Charity

  • Support for Small Producers

    Support for Small Producers

  • All Organic Products

    All Organic Products

  • Independent Company

    Independent Company

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