The Greek Way

The Greek Way

Capturing the unique Greek way of life in a set of unique boxes, filled with the essence of Greece.

Our Story

In Greece, we have our own way of enjoying life. We celebrate each moment in full, because we believe it is unique. Sunny mornings, family gatherings and evenings with dear friends – all these moments, we tried to ‘’capture’’ in this box. A box that we made with care and attention to detail.

“Greek Way” includes small everyday recipes that can make you experience the taste of Greece, whenever and wherever you are.

“Greek Way” consists of a design box, which contains Greek traditional products together with all you need so that you can try each of the following experiences:

TRAHANA: The Greek Slow Food!
The box includes: Extra virgin olive oil, “Trahana” wheat pasta, Tomato paste, Croutons with olive paste from Kalamata and wholegrain rye.

OYZAKI: The Greek Zen!
The box includes: “Ouzo” spirit, Sardines in vegetable oil, Green olives, Crisps with extra virgin olive oil, feta cheese and sundried tomato, 2 “Ouzo” glasses.

RAKOMELO: The Greek Cocktail!
The box includes: “Raki” spirit, Orange Honey, Cinnamon & cloves, 1 “briki” (coffee pot), 2 “Raki” shot glasses.

KAFEDAKI: The Greek break time.
The box includes: Greek coffee, Cinnamon flavored “Loukoumi” greek delight with orange zest, 2 greek coffee type cups, 1 “briki” (coffee pot).

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