Our Pu'er blend is the result of passion and dedication to becoming the trusted source for genuine Pu'er tea.

Our Story

Bridging the oriental with the occidental, TEASPEC has reinvented and simplified centuries-old worth of Asian traditions for the western drinking tea community. Tea is an ideal gift because it transcends age, gender and occasions but now TEASPEC makes gifting tea a pleasure by bringing an unprecedented level of luxury to the art of drinking and gifting Pu'er with our beautifully packaged teas.

Carole Tan is the owner and director of TEASPEC, a boutique Pu'er tea specialist. She comes from a family of avid Pu'er collectors who have amassed a large and precious collection over decades. As such TEASPEC was established in 2015 from the perspective of tea collectors, not tea merchants. TEASPEC aims to reinvent the art of tea drinking for a modern audience while safeguarding its reputation and quality. Their Pu'er teas have had the benefit of being aged in Malaysia, an environment connoisseurs acknowledge as having the best climate for this crucial process.

Our Values

  • Family-run Business

    Family-run Business

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