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At Sead we create delicious, moreish and nutritious spreads with a difference. We use tahini (stone-ground sesame seeds) to make velvety-smooth, decadent spreads in 3 flavours: chocolate, caramel and honey.

Our Story

Do you know the secret to the most deliciously moreish, sweet spreads? (They also have to be nutritionally dense and plant-based too btw.)

At Sead we do.

The answer lies in tahini: stone-ground sesame seeds. Not only do these little guys grind down to make the most velvety-smooth spreads, but they’re pretty good for us too - providing an excellent source of protein and healthy fats, as well as being one of the best plant sources of minerals iron, calcium and copper. Gosh, not bad for one seed.

At Sead we have created three decadent spreads from this wondrous ingredient. Our flavours include honey, caramel from coconut blossom nectar and chocolate from Peruvian cacao. We believe quality ingredients equals quality taste, so we only source the best natural, unrefined, plant-based ingredients to put into our spreads (and absolutely no palm oil).
Not only are Sead spreads perfect to jazz up toast and crumpets (a must-try), but amazing swirled into porridge and natural yoghurt, or drizzled over pancakes and fruit!

Our Values

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