Riverside Artisan Food

Riverside Artisan Food

These natural Olive Oil and Sea Salt crisps are to die for - as one reviewer has told us they are delicious, addictive and dangerous.

Our Story

As a totally natural crisp, they are the best you'll find. No additives, simply potato, olive oil and sea salt and gluten free; there aren't many crisps that can state that.

As if this delicious and addictive crisp isn’t enough it also comes with an endearing story: in 1932, Salvador Bonilla visited fairs and festivals local to his home in Ferrol selling his churros and potato chips under the name Bonilla a la vista. He took to his bike and later, motorbike to distribute his wares; even cheekily handing them out in cafes. Come the 1960s the family moved to A Coruña, where their reputation grew. These days, under son Cesar Bonilla Vasquez, they're a household name in northern Spain.

To us, Bonilla a la vista's crisps taste like the Mediterranean lifestyle. The fine olive oil takes us back to Spanish groves where the fruit ripens in the sun and in the sea breeze. This family business has us imagining mother, father and assorted sons, daughters, friends and cousins all pitching in to make the best crisp ever and one they can be proud of; so good in fact we want to share it with all we can.

One of the things we love most about Bonilla a la vista crisps is that there's no questioning their production process or the source of their ingredients. Each bag is made with two specific varieties of the very best potatoes, which are finely cut and cooked in cold-pressed olive oil that's carefully refined at 0.4 degrees, and comes fresh from a trusted partner. Each gourmet crisp is then hand-selected for perfection and lightly sea-salted before packing. That's it: no artificial ingredients or preservatives. They are gluten free and as natural as crisp as you will find anywhere. Absolutely no additives.

Our Values

  • Family-run Business

    Family-run Business

  • Independent Company

    Independent Company

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