Nuto is proud to present for the very first time, a range of lotus seed snack.

Our Story

A range of lotus seed snacks, a deliciously different and healthier substitute to crisps, popcorn or anything else you've been snacking on!

Lotus seed is an everyday snack for founder Babita and this unique product is the result of popping the outer shell of lotus seeds, which grow in the shallow lakes, pools and slow flowing rivers of India. Once prepared to Nuto's traditional recipe it provides a delicious and healthy source of protein and other minerals. Nuto can be enjoyed anywhere any time - whether you're counting calories, entertaining or looking for something tasty for the family to munch on.

This ultra-healthy bag of goodness contains less than 100 kcal, has no artificial colours or flavours, is gluten and GM free, vegan and vegetarian friendly and provides an additional source of protein and other minerals.