Marvellous Sicily

Marvellous Sicily

Organic healthy Mediterranean food from Southern Italy

Our Story

Marvellous Sicily, an Italian (Sicilian) Company based in Brighton (UK), is aimed at people who love great tastes. We bring organic, ethical and authentic Sicilian foods into your homes.

Our products are made using 100% organic and natural ingredients, are GMO FREE, homemade and suitable for vegans.

Marvellous Sicily is not just a food brand, we are a cultural initiative.

Our mission is to prove to the consumers that food and ethics are fundamental elements to re-establish the balance between individuals and society, both destroyed by a savage capitalism where profit comes before anything.

All our products come from an ethical and civic cultivation that means small productions with NO environmental impact, almost invisible to the big economic numbers but essential to maintain our fruitful land and to keep our traditions alive.

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