HER Home Brew

HER Home Brew

Specialty coffee at its most convenient. Simply add hot water or milk into HER Home Brew and your coffee is ready.

Innovative and ethical are HER ethos. We've stripped down the complication of coffee brewing methods to its most simplest form. Smarter with no drama. With HER Home Brew, you can make speciality coffee anywhere, without the mess. Aiming to work with micro farms that grown organically and traded fairly. You drink good coffee, HER producers grow better quality coffee for better prices. Win win.

Our Story

We've developed HER Home Brew to be an alternative for home coffee drinkers, who are looking for quality and good flavour. We use coffee beans sourced ethically from micro farms, encouraging the small farmers to grow higher quality coffee from which they can demand higher prices, helping to improve their livings standards. We have great coffee to drink and the farmers earn a better living. It’s a win-win for all!

HER Home Brew offers speciality quality with no drama. Just a smarter way to make coffee. No longer need to buy ground coffee or coffee capsule, expensive coffee gears or machine to achieve an excellent cup. Easy as instant only far better flavour. and there is no time wasting!

Only add hot water or milk onto HER cold brew coffee concentrate ratio 2:1 or on ice. Can be used in dessert like Affogato, smoothie, baking or cocktail espresso martini. Think espresso in bottle.

HER Home Brew is brewed, filtered and bottled by hand in east London using cold brew method and only fresh ground coffee. Coffee extracted slowly for 24 hours then filtered 3 times. The result is smooth and sweet coffee flavour with less acid, means less upset the tummy.

We brew with our best knowledge and well thought recipe. Hope you enjoy it!

Our Values

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