Fosse Meadows

Fosse Meadows

Slow grown free range poultry from Leicestershire - How chickens and Turkeys should taste with flavour, texture and they are delicious.

Our Story

We are a small farm based in Leicestershire producing delicious slow grown chickens all year round. Our chickens are grown 3-4 weeks longer than other free range and a couple of weeks longer than Organic chicken, resulting in proper tasting chicken with flavour and texture. Their breast is more elongated and they have enormous legs to carry their body weight, this allows them to roam much more freely and therefore taste a lot better as they build up muscle and texture to the meat.

We have just been awarded The Good House Keeping 2015 food award for 'best small meat producer'. We are also a member of The Traditional Farm Fresh Turkey Association (TFTA).

You will taste the difference no one in the UK is doing what we do! ‘Happy Birds Taste Better’

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