Desert Farms Camel Milk

Desert Farms Camel Milk

At Desert Farms our mission is to promote camel milk as nature's most wholesome dairy beverage, so you can get over the hump when you need, naturally!

Our Story

Milk is the heart of our business, so we take it seriously. It has to taste great, but we also want to buy from farmers who look after their workers, herds and the environment. Our milk comes from camel farmers in Europe only, of all types and sizes (large groups and tiny family farms) with an average herd of 6 camels.

While there is definitely no 'one size fits all' approach to buying responsibly, we ask our farmers to use "Good Manufacturing Practices" and abide by fair minimum standards to improve their social and environmental performance year after year. Our strategy is to work them and help them to get there. Achieving our goals is a journey with a daily destination of quality.

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